Privacy Policy

Online Visa is committed to ensuring your privacy. We as a visa processing agency put our best and honest efforts for protecting every detail that you provide to us while filling the visa application form through our website portal.

We need to keep certain information so that you can be easily identified and assures smooth processing. Though, we use that information according to the privacy policy and avoid any chances of violation of your privacy as our website user and visa applicant.

Types of information you are required to provide us and their purpose(s).

  • Name and other personal details mandatory to be filled in the visa application form on our website portal.
  • Contact details such as phone numbers and email address, as we may need to contact you to get more information or document required for the visa application process.
  • The demographic information such as address, the postal code is mandatory for processing the application and identifies your location along with their document-based proofs.
  • As a visa processing agency, we may require other information relevant to the applicant for completion our services.

We may need to change or modify our privacy policy from time to time, which will be notified to you by updating the content of this page. Therefore, you may need to check this page at time and time again for regular updates.